How to Choose the Best Commercial Steel Door Company in Canada

Businesses face commercial door problems every day. The issues may occur gradually or can appear suddenly without notice. Some issues are so subtle that they go unnoticed for a long time and result in bigger problems that require commercial door repair or worse replacements.

A reliable and professional commercial steel door repair company will assist you with troubleshooting the problem(s) and finding an affordable solution. Finding a reliable and professional company may seem difficult to attain in this industry. However, there are simple and easy ways to tell if you are getting the most reliable services that your business deserves.

In this blog post, Canadian Steel Door Manufacturers Association (CSDMA) offers 5 helpful tips in choosing the best commercial steel door repair and installation company in Canada.

1. Read Up on the Reviews

Having worked in the industry for years and being a member of professional associations, like CSDMA, are just two signs that your doors are in good hands. Nothing beats the peace of mind that experts with experience will be servicing your doors, especially if they are certified and have worked with big clients. Another key indicator would be Google Local and Facebook reviews/testimonials from former customers.

2. Quality & Affordability Check

As a business it is understandable that you want the quality solutions that are implemented with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. The best way to know if you are getting the best bang for your buck is to browse through each service company’s website and completed works webpage. Contact the ones that offer the services you need to get their rates and then compare to see which one is most affordable.

CSDMA does most of the leg work for you. Our website features directories of member firms, listed by products and company name.

3. Perks Being Offered

Review each company for its competitive advantage. This information can often be found on the organization’s website, under About Us or Mission Statement/Company Values. While reading about each company ask yourself: Are they quick on their feet? Do they offer around-the-clock services? Do they value efficiency? How secure are their transactions? Do they offer any discounts and coupons? There’s a little something for everyone and it’s just a matter of browsing through the sites and weighing the pros and cons.

4. Safety & Security

Things such as warranties and law compliance always provide relief and peace of mind to consumer businesses. Professional and reliable companies would always put customers and their businesses’ safety first and would immediately get back to you in case there is a malfunction.

5. Active Membership with CSDMA

Selecting companies with an Active Membership with CSDMA has its advantages. Our steel door manufacturers are leading manufacturers and have earned an international reputation for providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Products that are manufactured by our member firms also consistently meet the requirements and expectations of engineers and architects.

CSDMA – Canadian Steel Doors Manufacturers Association

The Canadian Steel Door Manufacturers Association (CSDMA) was established in 1974. The goal of the Association is to deliver standards and specifications regarding the manufacture and installation of steel doors, frames, and related items, for the guidance of specifiers, end-users, AEC professionals, and those interested in the construction trades at large.
By accessing our website, you will have everything you need to help you choose the right commercial steel door manufacturer for your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the CSDMA. We would be delighted to hear from you.