May 14th and 15th, Vancouver

Amidst the creative buzz of Canada’s West Coast metropolis, the Annual Architects Conference in Vancouver brought together the brightest minds and most cutting-edge ideas in contemporary architecture. This year, the event was marked by the presence of various industry representatives, including the Canadian Association of Steel Doors Manufacturers (CSDMA).

As members of this association, our goal was twofold: to participate into dynamic exchanges with conference participants and to query architects about their information needs and expectations from our sector.

Day 1: Exploration and Discussions

The first day was characterized by a series of stimulating lectures, covering topics ranging from ecological architecture to the digital revolution in building design. These presentations offered a fascinating insight into emerging trends and challenges facing the industry.

During coffee breaks and networking sessions, we had the opportunity to engage with numerous renowned architects. Our discussions focused on how our association could better serve their information and resource needs related to steel frames and doors.

Consistently, several architects expressed a keen interest in innovation in building materials, particularly regarding sustainability and resilience. They emphasized the importance of having up-to-date information on the latest technological advancements in the field of steel doors and frames, as well as best practices in design and installation.

Day 2: Deepening the Dialogue

Stainless steel openings are a popular choice in commercial and sometimes residential construction projects. This includes office buildings, schools, condominiums, and luxury homes. Their sleek appearance, durability, and low maintenance requirements make them an attractive option for both interior and exterior use in commercial applications.

The second day, we took the opportunity to host a roundtable dedicated to architects’ information needs regarding steel doors.

The architects present shared their perspectives on the challenges they face when integrating steel doors into their projects, as well as the key criteria they look for in manufacturers. The conversation was lively and constructive, highlighting the importance of close collaboration between architects and manufacturers to ensure innovative and sustainable solutions.

In conclusion, our participation in the Annual Architects Conference in Vancouver was a rewarding experience. We not only had the opportunity to explore the trends and challenges of contemporary architecture but also to engage in valuable dialogue with industry professionals. These exchanges have allowed us to better understand architects’.